When you go to someones house for the first time and you sit there like


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When your pet adjusts their position so they can lay their head on you


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So for our first week we decided that the theme is VMA’s week. Yes, I know that they already passed but that doesn’t mean we cant recap on the excellent dresses worn by some of america’s biggest celebs. 
The award for best dressed females at the VMA’s goes to… Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez. 
Jennifer Lopez is wearing a beautiful sparkled dress that shows off the perfect amount of skin. She rocks the dress with the matching hand bag and heels.
Iggy Azalea on the other hand is wearing a stunning strapless dress that is tight around her best ASSet (if you know what I mean). Across her abdomen is some cage-like strips that to me make the dress pop even more.
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I’m Louis! I’m 15 years young and a huge fashion geek. You can give me any piece of clothing and I’ll make it work. I’ll probably be on this account a little more then Drea since I really don’t have a life.

I’m Andrea aka Drea, FYI if you ever call me Andrea I will cut your face off. I’m also 15 and I love wearing shirts that are too big for me. I’m a pretty big fashionista as well.

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